Geogrupo was established on September 1, 1993. It was initially founded by a group of young professional engineers who were excited to be protagonists in the development of a competitive country at an international level, in an ever demanding environment of high quality services, and the later has been one of the development pillars of this company.

At the beginning, the team was formed by only five people that continuously worked for 15 years with client satisfaction as their only goal. This was achieved by the constant pursuit of improvement in all the projects where they participated. As a result, we currently have more than 300 full time talented staff in the company.

At the beginning we provided the following services: Quality control laboratory testing of materials and basic soil mechanics studies. Based on the implementation of the continuous improvement process, we can now cover the entire construction chain with services such as: Surveying, Geotechnical Investigation, Geophysical Studies, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Consulting, Project Supervision, Quality Control and Project Management.