Our company offers high quality work through its highly professional staff, the state-of-the-art technology as well as the use of National and International Standards, in the areas of:

  • Environmental Engineering

    Environmental Engineering


    Environmental and Risk Assesment Studies


    Pollutant Detection Monitoring


    Design of systems that prevent or inhibit the generation of contaminants in water, soil or air

  • Engineering Design

    Engineering Design








    Potable Water Systems and Drainage


    Urban and Architectural Projects


    Electrical Networks


    Architectural and urban projects


    Topo-hydraulic Studies




    Environmental Design

  • Project Supervision

    Project Supervision

    Urban Infrastructure

    Industrial Construction

    Mechanical Works

    Steel Structure and Hydraulic Concrete

    Installations in Buildings and Industrial Plants

  • Quality Control Laboratory

    Quality Control Laboratory

    Earthworks and Pavement

    Quality Control Test on Quarry Materials

    Design and Control of Asphalt Mixtures

    Design and Control of Hydraulic Concrete Mixtures

    Quality Control of Reinforcing Steel

    Welding Tests

    Non-destructive Testing of Hydraulic Concrete

    Studies and Prefabricated Elements

  • Special Studies

    Special Studies

    Soil Mechanics

    Quarry Material Studies

    Geophysical Studies

    Geological Surveying

    Rock Mechanics

    AD-HOC Geotechnical Solutions

    Pavement Design

  • Surveying


    Topographic Surveying

    Altimetry and planimetry

    AD-HOC geodetic surveys

    GPS positioning

  • Engineering Consultancy during Construction

    Engineering Consultancy during Construction

    Administration and Project Management

    Project Schedule

    AD-HOC Geotecnical Solutions

    Project Control Plans

    Communication Plans

    Project Management